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PRO Infinity
Member since 2007

Posted Sat 23 May 09 @ 9:09 pm
What's the current status of using this Windows 64-Bit operating system with Virtual DJ Pro??? I'm not using vinyl... but I would need a 64 bit driver for my maya44 USB... is one available?
I have an opportunity to get an HP refurbished laptop with the following specs for just over $600 for use as a backup PC. I do alot of video. I talked to HP and they never made this model with a 32-Bit windows version so there isn't an easy reinstall path for 32-Bit Windows.
Please take a look at the specs and advise, Thanks!

HP Pavilion DV9933CL Mfg Part #: FE781UAR#ABA
2.10GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T8100, 4GB RAM, 320GB Hard Drive, DVD±R/RW w/ LightScribe, Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n, NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS Graphics - 512meg dedicated, 17.0" WXGA+ HD Display, Webcam, Windows Vista Home Premium 64-Bit

PS - This system is actual better than the HP laptop I am currently using without any problems for over two years... except for the fact that I am using Vista Home Premium 32-Bit. I also firewire to external hard drives so I don't need any additional internal hard drive space.

PRO Infinity
Member since 2009

Posted Sun 24 May 09 @ 1:39 am
VDJ works fine with 64 bit Vista, it's the controllers and soundcards you buy that might be a problem. I have been using VDJ since December 2008 on a Toshiba Qosmio X305 series laptop running 64 bit Vista. I'm not sure about the Maya's compatibility. What controller are you using and do you have a mixer? I have 2 Pioneer CDJ-400's and a Pioneer DJM-800 mixer so no sound card is needed and it all works awesome. I also own a Numark DMC2 and a Numark C3USB mixer and no sound cards are needed either and these work great too. I started out with a Numark Total Control in December and it wasn't compatible and neither was the Numark DJIO soundcard so I bought the other two setups because of my 64 bit Vista compatibility issues.

All in all, VDJ works great, your compatibility issue rests on which controller/mixer combo you have/buy.


PRO Infinity
Member since 2007

Posted Sun 24 May 09 @ 5:48 am
I have a DAC-3 controller.... no mixer. Does anyone know if there is a 64-Bit driver for the Maya44 USB?

jimmy b
PRO Infinity
Member since 2007

Posted Sun 24 May 09 @ 6:03 am
kente wrote :
Does anyone know if there is a 64-Bit driver for the Maya44 USB?

Yep, there certainly is mate :)

Second one down

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Posted Sun 24 May 09 @ 6:24 am
Thanks Jimmy,

I downloaded the driver. Now all I need is info on DAC-3 compatability with VISTA 64bit. I actually haven't used the DAC-3 since I moved to VDJ version 5 but I do remember someone developed an interface for it to be used with version 5. I'd like to start using it again if possible. Can anyone point me to that interface and tell me if it's VISTA 64bit compatable! Thanks!

PS- Based on the info I have so far I guess I can purchase that backup laptop because I can live without the DAC-3 if I have to.

PRO Infinity
Member since 2009

Posted Sun 24 May 09 @ 1:19 pm
Kente, go buy a Numark DMC2, they are super cheap right now. I've seen them as low as $150.00 brand new and as low as $99.00 used at Guitar Center or Sam Ash. This unit is kick-ass because it was designed to be used with VDJ. All of the buttons on the unit correspond to the features making it the ultimate hardware companion to the VDJ software.

Then later pick up a USB mixer such as the Numark C3USB...then you wont need the Maya and you will have hands on control of your mixes rather than crossfading with your mouse in the software.

C3USB 5 channel mixer, no drivers needed, 64 bit compatible...

Or a simpler cheaper solution would be this 2 channel USB mixer, no drivers needed so it'll work flawlessly with 64 bit Vista and a great companion to the DMC2 Virtual DJ controller...

For less than $300.00 you can own the Numark DMC2 and the M1USB mixer. If you buy the DMC2 used you can get the whole package for about $200.00! A far cheaper solution than buying another laptop, keep your 64 bit lappy and buy these 2 items and you're ready to go.

Good luck,

DJ RuDeDoGG from SoCaLi!!

PRO Infinity
Member since 2005

Posted Sun 24 May 09 @ 1:23 pm
The DAC-3 is a HID (Human Interface Device) and does not need drivers, so it should be compatible with 64-bit Vista. The same also applies to the Numark DMC-2.

PRO Infinity
Member since 2004

Posted Sun 19 May 13 @ 9:37 pm
Sorry for bringing up an old thread but.....
I have a DMC2 controller and it selves my needs well but would like to use it with windows 8.
I have tried it but is not recognised and nothing works, is it technically possible to get this controller working with 64bit windows 8???
if so how would I go about it.
Posted Mon 20 May 13 @ 12:36 pm